HiTV KDrama Apk Download for Android Latest 2023

Watching streaming videos after work in the afternoon or evening is certainly a pretty fun activity. Moreover, it is done while lying down via an android cellphone.

Yup, you’re not wrong. Now there is such a thing as the HiTV Korean drama application which presents updated drama treats from popular ones, especially Korean.

The HiTV app has many interesting features that we can try to enjoy for free. Now on this occasion, we will discuss it in the following HitV app review.

Features of HiTV App Korean Drama Show Interesting

Hitv App

1. Korean dramas, Korean movies, tv shows, and more are available

You could say HiTV is a recommended application when you are looking for the best drama-streaming video app. Because in this application we will get a lot of series which are certainly cool.

For example, you can enjoy updated Korean dramas, Korean movies, and tv shows there, to various other interesting shows.

2. Can be watched offline

The second feature that is advantage of the HiTV app is that we can watch it offline. In other words, we no longer need an internet connection in running videos/movies on Hitv.

However, it should be noted, to enjoy this feature you are required to first download which series you want to watch offline.

Relax, you can download using a wifi network first to save internet quota. Then watch it later when you are in a bad internet network location.

3. Multilingual subtitles

With subtitles, it is certainly easier for us to translate conversations in the drama. HiTV provides it all.

We can use various languages when watching kdrama using this application.

This feature is perfect for those of you who don’t understand Korean. Or who wants the details of the conversation that is said without having to listen to the loud voice?

4. Watch smoothly

HiTV app is supported with fast servers. This is certainly very beneficial for those of you who like to watch Korean dramas without lag. 

With this Korean drama-watching application you will get a fast movie treat without buffering. Moreover, supported by a smooth internet connection, it is even more perfect.

5. Small size with the best performance

Compared to similar Korean drama-watching apps. HiTV in our opinion has a relatively lighter size. Very suitable for android smartphones that are limited in internal memory.

With a relatively small size of 33MB, we can enjoy a variety of Korean movies lightly without burdening the phone. Therefore, don’t worry about this apk file size problem later.

Download HiTV App Korean Drama New Version 2023

Hitv Icon Download

To get HiTV, we are required to access the browser first and then type download HiTV apk. Because indeed this application is no longer temporarily available on Google Playstore.

But you don’t need to do that, because below we have shared a special link to download the safe HiTV apk. We recommend always using a secure link so that when you download it does not harm the cellphone.

NameHiTV Korean Drama Show
Size33 MB
Operating SystemAndroid
Download LinkHere

How to Install HiTV Apk Manual from Browser

For you, android users are indeed limited when installing apk outside the Play Store. Therefore, you must make special additional settings so that you can run it.

It’s easy, you just need to activate a feature on your phone, namely, Install Unknown Source Apps. Here is a complete tutorial for making these settings.

1. First, go to Additional Settings and select the Security and Privacy section.

2. The second step activates the Install Unknown Source App feature.

3. Next, enter the phone’s File Manager menu then search for HiTV apk usually in the download menu.

4. Next you can install.

5. Wait until the installation is complete and open it to watch.

HiTV App HD Korean Drama Show Review Conclusion

Well, this application in our opinion is quite good at providing the latest Korean drama series. 

But unfortunately, it seems that this apk is not officially supported by Playstore itself. So maybe for ordinary people, it will be difficult to find the original apk.

Thus a brief review of the HiTV apk kdrama shows that we can present on this occasion. Hopefully, it will be useful and always be the best application review inspiration for you.

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