4 Best Yoga Apps for Weight Loss at Home, Number 2 Top!

HTCProject.com – Best Yoga Apps for Weight Loss – If you look it up in the smartphone app store, you will find a huge amount of paid apps to free apps, and you will be wondering which one to use. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but here we will introduce three carefully selected ones.

Beginners should use “yoga video reference type” instead of “yoga pose search type”

There are two patterns in the yoga app. One is a “yoga pose search type” app for intermediate to advanced yoga users to deepen their knowledge of yoga and to know the effects and effects of each pose.

The other is a “yoga video reference type” app that shows how to make a pose for beginners who do not have an image of the yoga movement itself and explains it in Japanese. If you look at this, you can get the original effect of the pose.

Therefore, all four of the following are “yoga video reference type” apps.

Top4: Best Yoga Apps for Weight Loss for Your Smartphones

Best Yoga Apps For Weight Loss

1. Yoga: Pose and Class [Free]

As many as 111 poses are registered in this best yoga app for weight loss, each of which can be confirmed in the video, and you can experience 9 types of “classes” that combine several poses for 10 to 30 minutes. Still, it’s completely free, so I’m surprised. Great for those who want to practice more yoga poses

2. Yoga Body Secret “Healthy weight loss diet” [Free]

The “Yoga Body Secret” video was devised by world-famous yoga instructor Wakayogi. We have a full-fledged 30-minute x 1-month program, as well as a 10-minute mini-lesson, so you can choose according to your time and needs. This is the only yoga that Wakayogi can practice with the app.

3. 5 minutes a day Yoga Stretch to diet-Beautiful mind and body!

Resolve physical problems and worries from the ground up [Free]

If you like a simple and easy-to-use yoga app, this is recommended. There are 30 poses that even beginners can easily do, and 10 types of course yoga that you can choose according to your worries. However, there is no Android app, only the iPhone.

It’s the perfect app for those who aren’t good at difficult things and are looking for something all right.

4. Yoga Share [Free]

It is a yoga app that boasts more than 1200 registered poses and is the number one yoga pose in the world. Anyone interested in yoga, from those who enjoy yoga at home to those who teach yoga as an instructor, will be satisfied.

The feature is that you can create your yoga class and share it with the app users.

Yoga apps like this are very useful, but there is one problem. It means that the screen is small to do while watching with Suaho. Everyone would wonder if this could be done while watching on the big screen of the TV. So, finally, I will tell you how to display the video of your smartphone on the TV screen. It’s a little technical, but it’s okay if you read it carefully and execute it.

What kind of yoga is effective for dieting?

Then, what kind of part of yoga should you pay attention to improve the diet effect? It is the following points.

Do the right breathing method- “Abdominal breathing”

First of all, it is important to pose while performing the following “abdominal breathing” in yoga.

  1. Exhale through your mouth.
  2. Breathe in with your nose for 6 seconds and swell your stomach.
  3. Keep for 6 seconds.
  4. Exhale through your nose for over 6 seconds.
  5. repeat

Slimming yoga pose 1 ~ “Cat pose”

Also, if you can comfortably perform double breathing, try the simplest slimming poses. It’s a “cat pose”.

  1. Crawl on the floor with your palms and knees.
  2. Bend your back while exhaling.
  3. Bend your back while inhaling.

Slimming yoga pose 2- “Pigeon pose”

At the same time, let’s practice “pigeon pose”.

  1. Sit sideways.
  2. Put your right foot out and put your toes on the inside of your right elbow.
  3. Put your hands behind your head and slowly repeat abdominal breathing.

Slimming yoga pose 3 ~ “triangular pose”

Next is the “triangular pose”. If you can do the above three things, you have a good foundation for diet yoga.

  1. Open both feet wide to the side, with the toes of the right foot facing forward and the toes of the left foot 90 degrees to the left.
  2. Open your arms to the left and right so that they are parallel to the floor, with your palms facing down, and lean your upper body to the left.
  3. Extend your arms up and down.

Slimming yoga poses 4- “mountain poses”

Next is “Mountain Pose”. It is a standard-standing pose. Let’s practice while paying attention to how to pose.

  1. Stand between the index and middle fingers of your foot and the plate on your knees facing straight forward.
  2. Open your legs slightly and open between your toes. Step on the ground firmly with the ball of the thumb, the ball of the little finger, and the four points at both ends of the heel.
  3. Tighten the muscles of the thighs and buttocks and pull up the pelvis.
  4. Align the left and right heights of the shoulder blades.
  5. Pull your chin and look straight ahead.

Slimming yoga pose 5 ~ “Torsion pose”

Next is the “twisting pose”. It has the effect of maintaining and improving health and calming nerves, so be careful of the following points when practicing.

  1. Bend one leg and keep your knees on the outside of your extended leg.
  2. Bend your other leg and place it next to the buttocks of your kneeling leg.
  3. Raise the ischium evenly.
  4. Step on the ground with the soles of your feet, and place your hands on the side of your feet that are bent and laid on the outside of your feet. (It is important to press with your elbows and knees)
  5. The other hand is behind the buttocks and the shoulders are dropped to relax.
  6. Inhale, stretch your back, and exhale while twisting your upper body backward. (Do left and right)

How do you like it? However, many people do not understand well in the text. For those people, the yoga app videos are useful. In particular

  1. You can practice yoga poses that you can’t understand with words alone.
  2. For beginners, it is designed to be learned step by step
  3. It also contains explanations on how to breathe, which is important in yoga.
  4. Efficient yoga at home without having to go to the yoga studio

Tips For You: Yoga for Diet Can Be Successful

Diet by yoga. Since yoga has less movement, it seems that the diet effect is weak, but in fact, it increases metabolism, so the diet effect is high. As one of the measures to succeed in dieting, we will introduce yoga and four carefully selected yoga apps that will improve efficiency when used at that time.

Is it true that yoga works for dieting?

According to a survey by Kirin Brewery (*), 67% of Japanese people have diet experience, and 80.2% of women in particular. Therefore, almost 70% or more are on some kind of diet.

However, only 38.1% of people have succeeded in dieting. In other words, the remaining 30% should be “diet refugees” who try various diet methods if they still want to diet.

A yoga diet is highly recommended for such people. Since yoga has less movement, it seems that the diet effect is weak, but in fact, it increases metabolism, so the diet effect is high. Furthermore, yoga strengthens the muscles of the trunk and raises basal metabolism.

Therefore, by doing yoga, it is possible to realize that metabolism becomes active in the first place, and at the same time, muscle mass increases, and basal metabolism also increases.

However, it is important to practice the correct pose, but if you use the yoga app that has been increasing recently and imitate the movement while watching the video, you can make a fairly accurate pose and expect the effect.

Therefore, here we will introduce yoga as one of the measures to succeed in dieting and carefully select three yoga apps that will improve efficiency when used at that time.

* Source: Kirin Brewery “Health Awareness Survey”

Well, I wrote that yoga is effective for dieting, but what does that mean? I will explain in detail.

What is the diet formula?

First of all, there is a “formula” in the diet that you can lose weight if you keep it. It is:

If calorie intake <calorie consumption, you can lose weight

Calories burned = basal metabolism + exercise metabolism

In other words, it is natural, in a sense, that you lose weight if your body consumes more calories than you take in, but it is a very important fact.

And calorie consumption is the total of the basal metabolism that human beings originally consume by breathing and moving the internal organs and living, and exercise metabolism is obtained by moving muscles and burning fat by exercise. Let’s hold this down first.

How to reduce calorie intake

When it comes to dieting, the first way to think about it is to reduce the calorie intake to establish the formula. For example, the methods can be broadly divided into direct dietary restrictions such as sugar-cut diets and replacement diets where one meal is only bananas.

But as you can see, this is a dieting method that requires a lot of willpower. First, you have to overcome your hunger and appetite. Appetite is one of the three major human needs, so it is not possible to overcome it with ordinary efforts. Therefore, for most people, this dieting method becomes painful, does not continue, quits, and the diet fails.

How to increase calories burned

Then, if there is no other way, there is another way to increase calorie consumption and establish the formula.

There are two ways to do this.

Exercise and burn calories

One is to “exercise and burn calories. ” However, this is characterized by the fact that there is little to be gained for the effort. For example, even if you desperately go jogging for an hour, the calories burned directly by it are about 100 Kcal, and if you get hungry and eat one rice ball, it will be canceled.

So it takes a lot of effort to make this the main dieting method.

Increase basal metabolism

The other is to “increase basal metabolism”, which is the recommended diet method.

In the first place, basal metabolism means that cells in the body burn sugar, and when sugar is exhausted, fat is converted to sugar and burned. Therefore, if you take the latter to burn fat efficiently, you will lose weight naturally. At the same time, it is mainly the moving parts, that is, the muscles attached to the bones and internal organs that metabolize, so if you increase this, the amount of metabolism will naturally increase.

These two methods, which I’ll explain later, are much easier than exercising directly to burn calories. It’s the same as running a car for a long time at a tremendous speed to consume gasoline, but with a large displacement engine, you can consume gasoline for a short time and a short distance. ..

Because the diet effect of yoga realizes two increases in calories burned at the same time.
Yoga can increase the above two calories burned at the same time, so it has a high dieting effect.

That’s because yoga is the same aerobic exercise as jogging and swimming. Aerobic exercise is an exercise that improves blood flow by putting a lot of oxygen into the body, thereby increasing metabolic function. Metabolism goes up, and when you sweat, your body’s waste products are excreted, and your metabolism goes up. This is the first increase in calories burned.

Yoga poses also train the inner muscles of the body called inner muscles. Then, the muscle grows larger, and the larger muscle burns more calories by moving, increasing basal metabolism. This is the second increase in calories burned.

So yoga is a very dieting exercise.

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