10 Best Android Fitness Apps, You Can Get Free!

HCTProject.com – Best Android Fitness Apps – If you want to maintain a healthy diet so that you don’t gain weight or lose extra weight, it’s recommended not only to eat a healthy diet but also to exercise regularly for 30 days XNUMX minutes or more Even if you walk fast.

Thanks to mobile devices, we can create our exercise routines in our own homes and do them in our free time. If you don’t know where to start and want to get fit, here’s the best fitness app available on the Play Store.

Top10: Best Android Fitness Apps for You

Best Android Fitness Apps

1. 7-XNUMX minutes of training

If you can’t find more free time than usual, try the Seven application. This is an application that allows you to keep running a physical exercise plan for just 7 minutes, thanks to several personalized plans. Our disposal. The more free time you have, the longer you can use the application.

All exercises provided by the application are based on scientific research to provide maximum benefit in the shortest time possible so that we can make the most of our time. Whether you’re losing weight, building bodybuilding, or getting fit, Seven can help you achieve that.

We have more than 200 exercises of all kinds of 7 XNUMX put at your disposal, so if you don’t like 9,99 of them, or if it costs our lives to do so, it’s easier and more physical. You can transfer to another person of equal strength. To get the most out of it, you need to pay a monthly subscription of € 79,99 per month or € XNUMX per year.

2. 8fit-Fitness and Nutrition

8Fit is an application with a complete focus on fitness. Includes short workouts and various recipes for those who want to sweat fast to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, it gives us a comprehensive guide to workouts, so you know the number of push-ups or jumps you have to complete at a given time. The only thing about this application is that it’s not exactly cheap because it requires an annual subscription, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for a comprehensive fitness solution.

3. Shred: Home Workout and Gym

Shred takes fitness very seriously. This includes a gym training routine for those who want to tone, organize, and improve their aerobic exercise. What’s more, it includes dumbbells, kettlebells, and other equipment that includes a home workout routine.

Shred can see the graph as they keep track of weekly and monthly progress they want to do a little more. If you don’t know where to start, guide your application to perform different exercises every day. Like most fitness apps, Shred offers a limited free version and an unrestricted low subscription, priced at $ 99,99 per year.

4. Total Fitness-Training at Home and Gym

Total Fitness is not exclusive but focuses on people who exercise regularly. The application puts at our disposal numerous exercises of all kinds, over 100. All exercises are fully explained in the text, video, and images, so it’s okay to be able to follow them.

This application is available for you and includes free downloads, ads, and in-app purchases, but unlike others, you don’t need a subscription to get the most out of it.

5. Home exercise

Home Exercise App Suggests losing weight 30 days after exercising The application offers whether you’re hungry, toning your butt, or manipulating a chocolate bar (by the way, all of us). Is behind that belly). With this application, you can perform a series of very complete exercises that move different muscles depending on the purpose you want to achieve.

Through the application, we can make weekly monitor both weight loss and body fat percentage. All exercises are explained using simple drawings without additional text or video. If you want to try the world of fitness with a simple app, try this app. It is a free app for in-app purchases.

6. Strava GPS-Racing and Cycling

Strava is a fitness app designed for runners and cyclists. The application registers races and routes and races and routes for which statistics and metrics can be viewed. It also records real-time data during these activities, such as distance traveled and estimated calories burned.

If you also want to share your progress, this is the application you are looking for. If you are weightlifting, bodybuilding, or floor training, this is not the application you are looking for. Strava is a great application if you want to perform jogging or hiking routines.

7. Calorie counter

MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular fitness apps for mobile devices, XNUMX. It does almost everything and includes a calorie counter. This application allows you to enter the food you eat along with the type and weight of the food to track your progress.

It includes a timer that notifies us when we have achieved the goal we set. To enjoy this application, you need to have a monthly subscription of € 9,99 per month. It’s expensive, but it’s the perfect XNUMX for recording both our activities and all the food we eat.

8. MapMyFitness

The Under Amour people are free to use three different applications to monitor our day-to-day activities. Running, walking, cycling. In addition, we also offer coach applications. This is an application that helps you exercise and get fit every day without having to leave home or go to the gym.

This application provides us with different exercise routines designed by professionals. As with most applications of this type, you will need to pay a monthly subscription for this application to get the most out of it. It costs € 2.5 a month, which is much cheaper than previous applications.

9. Women’s Fitness: Training for Women

As you can guess from its name, this application focuses on women. This is an application that helps women burn tummy fat, strain muscles, reduce hips, and slim legs … all thanks to a series of workouts we can do for 7 minutes of exercise at home. Execute the plan.

The application provides us with fast and effective training, personal trainer animation, and video guides, designed for beginners, exercising all parts of the body, with warm-up and stretching routines. Keep track of your calendar, calories burned … The Female Fitness app is free to download and includes a series of in-app purchases to unlock all features.

10. Exercises at home

We depart last, but less importantly, the application does the exercises at home. The application received an average rating of over 20,000 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 4.9 stars, and then in the overall Rare Abyss Play Store.

Home Exercise offers many exercise routines of all kinds to strengthen and function your major muscles in just minutes from home on XNUMX days without having to go to the gym. You also don’t need a personal trainer or accessories.

With this application, we can move the abdominal muscles, chest, arms, legs, and the rest of the body. All exercises provided by the application are created by sports health professionals, so as long as you do the exercises correctly, as shown in the application, there is no risk of injury.

Exercise at home is available for you Completely free download Also includes an in-app purchase to unlock all the features this amazing app has downloaded by over 10 billion users increase.

How to monitor our sporting activities?

Some of the applications introduced in this application can: It is based on height and weight-based calculations that we set when we first set up the app to count the number of calories we lost. However, there is a more realistic and easier way to get this information.

If you want to get in shape, the best you can do is buy a quantified bracelet, a bracelet that measures your heart rate, distance traveled, calories burned … information that can be synced with the bracelet depending on your application.

It also utilizes the Google Fit application, an application responsible for monitoring all our daily physical activity through the quantification of smartwatches or bracelets.

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