TOP: 10 Best App to Share Photos with Family

The best app to share photos with family – Block others from accessing your files and sharing your images with these private photo-sharing applications. Give access only to your friends and family or create a self-destructing message.

Limit the ability to take screenshots with fleeting messages and dilute the hidden content with tags, comments, and likes with the best private photo-sharing app to protect you.

If you want to share your photos privately, check out this list of the best photo-sharing app for families. These apps offer various security measures for your files and messages, automatic watermarking capability, and more.

Best App To Share Photos With Family

Best App to Share Photos with Family Privately

1. SmugMug


  • Multiple security options
  • Ability to share small images
  • Protection when saving
  • Automatic watermarking after download
  • Customizable user interface


  • Limited trial period

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SmugMug offers a customizable gallery with advanced management tools and an intuitive workspace. The app allows you to share photos with other users through a personal account. You can mark your images uploaded to the gallery as fully private, registered users only, or public.

With this best app to share photos with family, you can also upload photos smaller than the original so that others cannot steal your work. Of note is the gallery protection feature that prevents other users from saving your images.

Premium features available with a paid subscription include the ability to create custom watermarks and automatically add them to your uploaded files.

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2. Snapchat


  • To send fleeting messages
  • Send fleeting messages
  • Built-in cloud storage
  • Limited access to photos in your account
  • Advanced built-in camera


  • No protection against screenshot recording

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Snapchat is the first best app to share photos with family to offer “ephemeral messages.” These messages are available only in the here and now: You view a text, video, or photo once, and then it is automatically deleted. You can also put photos on your profile page and restrict access to them so that only your friends can see them.

This can be a great business file to reconcile important data with the head of the company. The app has free cloud storage where you can store your photos without worrying about your phone’s internal storage.

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3. 23snaps


  • For your group of friends.
  • Add ratings
  • Friends can rate and comment on your posts
  • Access is through a link or a trusted account


  • Narrow Functionality

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23snaps is a rather narrow option that aims to keep your photos private. However, it is the best app for sending private photos to a group of friends or family.

You can create and populate private galleries, share them through links, or by adding users to a trusted list. Each photo or video you add to your profile can be accompanied by a text note that briefly introduces the photo.

Friends and family who can see your schedule can leave comments, emoticons, and hearts.

4. Flickr


  • Restricted access with visible metadata
  • You can restrict access to your gallery
  • View metadata
  • Convenient and simple interface
  • Integrated image editor


  • No built-in messenger

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Flickr is a great platform for sharing and restricting your photos. As you would expect from the best app to share photos with family, the privacy settings available allow you to limit the number of users who can view, comment on, and tag your photos.

Flickr even displays the metadata of your images, which is very useful for enthusiasts and novice photographers who want to learn from more experienced users.

Also, the interface is so simple and easy to use that even functions like uploading, sorting, searching, commenting, adding to favorites, and even uploading are extremely easy to use.

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5. Confide


  • For transient messaging
  • Message destroys itself after being read
  • Group messages can be sent
  • Block screenshots
  • Limited functionality


  • Unable to maintain an account

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Confide is one of the best apps for sharing photos privately, with the ability to hold a message until the recipient drags their finger over each line to read it. Once it has been read and a certain amount of time has elapsed (you set it yourself), the message will be deleted.

You can send both personal and group messages. The app allows you to upload pictures from your library or take photos/videos with the built-in camera. Unlike Snapchat, Confide blocks the ability to take screenshots.

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6. Cluster


  • Private albums with annotations
  • Private albums
  • Leave comments, likes, and annotations
  • Enable notifications


  • You must subscribe to the album

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Clustering is one of the most popular options for sending private messages and photos. The structure of this secret photo-sharing app is reminiscent of standard social networks, including notifications, comments, notes, and content sharing.

The process for setting up the private access to your files is as follows: you create an album, fill it with content, and grant access to only selected users. Each group has a gallery full of photos, and you can create albums for different collections.

The only problem here is convincing the people you like to use another photo app, which is not as easy as sharing pictures directly.

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7. Share your photos


  • For sharing active photos
  • Preserves the original image quality
  • User-friendly interface
  • Unlimited save/sharing options
  • Allows personalization of gifts and memories
  • No ads


  • Expires in 60 days for campaigns with less than 4 visitors

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Share Your Photos is a powerful tool that allows you to send photos of any celebration to your family and friends for free. Event organizers need to download this private photo-sharing app on their phones and register there.

After that, they can create an event and send invitations. Guests should install the app and follow the link sent by the organizer to join the event. Alternatively, they can search for the event. Anyone invited to the event can share pictures, view photos uploaded by other visitors, download them, and create personalized gifts and souvenirs.

One of the great advantages of sharing your photos is that it has no limit on the number of photos that can be uploaded or downloaded. In addition, this photo-sharing platform does not degrade the quality of the images.

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8. Dust


  • Messages disappear after 24 hours
  • Messages can be deleted after 24 hours
  • No name displayed in private chat
  • Elegant interface


  • Video loading speed is below average

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Dust is another simple private photo-sharing app designed to send personal messages securely. If you want to chat, the app has an area that allows you to make “public” posts that are visible to all your contacts.

The dust feature allows you to delete messages after 24 hours of being enabled, both on your device and on the recipient’s device, ensuring that messages are never saved permanently.

Names are also not displayed in private chats. Therefore, if someone takes a screenshot of the conversation, your name will not appear on it.

9. FamilyAlbum


  • Unlimited storage space for family photos
  • Easy navigation
  • Unlimited free cloud storage
  • Limited access for degenerates
  • Few updates to the app


  • Weak add-on features

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FamilyAlbum is the best private photo-sharing app and saves photos and videos saved in easy-to-navigate digital albums.

It is the best private photo-sharing app for those who want to publish a lot of photos thanks to its unlimited storage space. You can take as many photos as you want of your kids and your spouse. Your albums are completely private.

Everything uploaded to the app belongs to you and can only be seen by you, your family, and the friends you invite.

10. PhotoCircles


  • Individual photo albums
  • Unlimited number of albums
  • Access open only to selected individuals
  • No technical support


  • Unable to export more than 500 files

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The app allows you to record memories in separate shared albums: weddings, birthdays, vacations, family, births, even simple everyday moments. The content you can add or the number of friends you can invite to your album is unlimited.

Since this is the best app to share photos with family, content can only be viewed and added by album members.

The only downsides to this app are the inability to export more than 500 files and the seemingly non-existent support team. I have made several requests but have received no response.

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