Top 19 Best App for Photo Books on iPad and Android

The best app for photo books on iPad and android – photobook-making applications offer comfortable and simple features to personalize your photo albums and include the service of sending the results to your address for printing and delivery at a reasonable cost.

Usually, you have to compile your photo album in a desktop browser, but some companies produce mobile-based photo bookmaker apps for the same purpose. So, this is the best app for photo books on iPad and android.

Best App for Photo Books on iPad and Android

Of all the options, I prefer the Chatbooks app. Why? I will explain in the comments below.

1. Chatbooks

Best App For Photo Books On Ipad And Android-1


  • FixThePhoto’s editing options
  • Intuitive interface
  • 85 raster, live, and vector brushes
  • Natural effects
  • Stroke sensitivity


  • No text tools
  • No canvas or paper alternatives

Get the app for iOS and Android

This is the best app for photo books on iPad and Android without the need to make a fuss. The engine can get content from Instagram and Facebook to compile albums, so if you share important moments there often, you can simply enjoy receiving exciting results in a lovely book.

The service is amazingly easy to use and efficient. There is a fully automated and customizable service. The former is something you set up once and then never go back. It collects 60 recent photos from social networks, or even just favorites from camera film, organizes them, and sends the book for $8 or $13, depending on the softcover or hardcover option.

You can edit this automatic album by adding a “coming” caption, rearranging the photos, or choosing a special cover. Or, you can do each step yourself by selecting a range of 30-366 images that may be related to a trip or special event.

The finished book will be elegantly bound and marked with a specific date range and volume number. No matter how full your life is, photo memories will never be confusing.

2. Printastic



  • Best value for money
  • Includes sales and promotions
  • Provides available contact information
  • Free return policy available


  • Additional physical options add to the load

Get the app for iOS and Android

The best app for photo books on iPad and android for creating photo albums and other types of memorabilia (such as magnets or canvas images). It benefits from an intuitive interface and a large number of handy features. You can select the photos you want to print, make basic edits, and add comments. Changes will be recorded without interruption, so you can pause and resume with confidence.

There are four size options and a fair number of layout variations, for a total of up to 1200 images in a single book. This way, you can record anything from a small event to an entire year’s worth of memories.

3. CanvasChamp



  • Best for Android
  • Easy to order
  • Accessibility
  • Great color reproduction and print quality


  • Simple packaging

Get the app for the Android version

This high-end photo book app gives users more control over the design process. There is a full list of features that you can tweak so anything you want can be customized.

Images are imported from your social media, from your phone storage, or taken through the app. You then need to specify the size of the frames and their borders, as well as the layout. The book itself can be square or rectangular, with two orientation options, including a variety of sizes from 4×4 to 12×8. By designing the product, you can place orders and take advantage of special offers and discounts that occasionally delight users.

4. PrestoPhoto



  • Seamless inversion
  • More than 30 book formats
  • High-quality printing
  • Seamless books
  • Light and Shadow Collection


  • For Apple devices only

Get the app for macOS | iOS

Presto Photo is an advanced, fully automated application for creating photo books, cards, and calendars on iPhone, Mac, and iPad devices. You can create panoramic wall collages, 2-page collages, and even real estate appearance brochures. The wide variety of print formats and fast delivery are undeniable advantages.

The application contains dozens of templates. You can download finished PDFs from ApplePhotos, iPhoto, Aperture, and InDesign. With Lightroom and iCloud integration, you can drag and drop photos directly into the app.

5. book press by Bookemon



  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Create book pages using the content of a blog or web page
  • Publish books with ISBN
  • Advanced privacy settings
  • Creates ebooks in PDF format supported by most devices


  • Additional features are paid

Get the app for the iOS version

bookPress by Bookemon is an easy-to-use app for designing and publishing high-quality books for free. With it, you can create eBooks or publish library-quality copies. The app allows users to create eye-catching book covers and layouts. You can use several available templates to create your book without much effort.

With this publishing app, you can create books using PDF images and Word files. The app allows you to export documents from your device, email, cloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox. You can customize the layout and add photos to make your book more appealing. Although the app allows you to create books for free, you will have to pay extra to use some advanced features and get printed copies. Prices start at $4.99, making this app an ideal option for people on a budget.

6. SimplePrints Photo Books



  • Best for iOS
  • Import images from social media, iPhone, Dropbox
  • Subtitles at no extra charge
  • A charming gift for your loved ones
  • Great for travel and special occasions


  • International shipping takes a long time

Get the app for Android

This is the most convenient photo album app for Apple users that can help you create an artistic album full of memories. In addition to books, you can order an image printed on canvas or metal. Images can be imported from your device or taken through the app, or they can be downloaded from social networks and cloud storage.

As for the product itself, you can choose between a smaller and a larger one (8×8 and 12×12 respectively), the latter is only available in hardcover, while the smaller one can also be ordered in softcover. You can insert captions to further personalize your album.

7. Pixum



  • High-quality books
  • Intuitive to use
  • Short delivery time
  • Securely packed
  • High quality and well-finished books


  • Does not warn about importing low-quality images

Get the app for iOS | Android

This is a handy photo book creation app that will provide you with a high-quality product with little effort on your part. The service is quick to set up and can print both individual images and custom albums.

The tools provided are suitable for compiling a decent product that you will enjoy looking through. The album can be decorated with stickers, captions, and background colors that together create a clean and customized product. Another interesting option is a digital copy of the album, which you can keep or share with loved ones and which can be issued in combination with the delivery of the physical album.

8. Mpix Tap to print



  • With online gallery sharing
  • Excellent toolkit and layout
  • The best packaging of all the services tested
  • High-quality printing
  • Online gallery sharing


  • Glossy prints increase costs
  • Expensive

Get the iOS app

You’ll be pleased with the selection of designs and customization features they offer. A great product is their high-quality panoramic photography bound in a black linen-covered book in which you can arrange your precious memories to your liking, using up to 100 pages for this purpose.

The creation process involves first selecting the images, then sorting them and configuring the template and background colors, and finally providing meaningful comments.

For those who don’t mind labor-intensive preparations, there are quick options. They are available in three sizes: 5×5, 8×8, and 10×10. Books can contain 1 to 4 images on each page and numbers up to 100.

9. Snapfish



  • Super easy operation
  • User-friendly
  • Very cool templates
  • Multiple backgrounds


  • Print quality is not the best

Ideal for customers who don’t want to deal with the process themselves. While there are a variety of options to choose from, the entire creative process follows a built-in guide. Apart from dozens or hundreds of themes, there are also a large number of backgrounds available. Users are walked through the creation process step-by-step, making the selection process much easier.

Several themes and templates are also available to further simplify the process. Users can also choose the binding, cover, and paper type to create a special book. The ease with which customer orders can be created makes this a great tool for those in a hurry or struggling with technical issues.

You can choose from a wide variety of book types and sizes.

The biggest complaint about this service is that the print quality is not the best. However, the company offers affordable prices and even offers interesting promotions for its customers.

10. Shutterfly



  • Multiple add-ons
    Very well organized templates
    Multiple backgrounds
    Coherent design


  • A photo reproduction can be uneven

Use the Shutterfly app now

Another popular choice is Shutterfly’s photobooks, which are hassle-free to create and fun to look at. With multiple designs to choose from, you can create your personalized photo book.

The designers have created templates for every occasion, so no matter what you want to immortalize, there will be a special style for it. The templates are not fixed, so you can move images around and resize them to make them look exactly the way you want. Add comments and you have a truly one-of-a-kind album.

Designers are available for all users, so if you are not a fan of details or think you can’t do it well yourself, you can hire a professional to make it according to all your standards. The turnaround time is 3 days.

Reviews include complaints that the images are not uniform and unbalanced, although no one says the print quality is poor.

11. Picaboo



  • Excellent customizability
  • Fun and easy to use the app
  • Search function


  • The simple book takes less time to generate
  • Not the best print quality

Try making photo books with Picaboo

This photo bookmaker app can be used for regular albums as well as special ones. With this new feature, you can create your personalized picture book containing the perfect story for your child.

In addition to regular albums, special categories are available for popular themes such as weddings, travel, and baby. The company prides itself on its high level of service, and in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your product, you can get a refund within one month of receiving it. For more information, please see the “Satisfaction Guarantee” section of our website.

This program is designed to give users who do not have a lot of time to devote to designing their photo book a quick, top-notch finished product.

In addition, the background and images can be blended to create a more uniform finish for a more professional-looking album.

12. Amazon Prints



  • High quality finished products
  • Reasonable service
  • Reliable company
  • Very easy workflow


  • Few customization features

You already do a lot of shopping on the website, but why not choose Amazon Print for your photobooks as well? If you’re a Prime user, you’ll get your albums designed faster, but otherwise, you’ll have unlimited design options.

Binding and cover options are limited, so if those are important to you, choose another app from the list. However, setting up a myriad of themes and playing with size and paper combinations can certainly make a book special.

If you need something fairly simple to design a beautiful and unique album without spending a lot of time or money, this is the service for you.

If desired, projects can be as large as 150 pages with photos, comments, and embellishments, with glossy layers and hardcovers.

13. Bonusprint



  • Excellent customer support
  • Intuitive software
  • Highest quality prints
  • Competitive pricing


  • Doesn’t seem environmentally friendly

The service is excellent and convenient to use, but what makes it even more enjoyable is the helpful customer support. If you encounter any problems, which is unlikely, they will fix them right away.

You can also use the service from your phone, so if you take a lot of photos, why not use it to design your albums – in 10 minutes, you could have all your problems solved in less time than it takes to get to work every day.

With the downloadable editor, you can manage to design exceptional books with more advanced features, and the company guarantees 100% satisfaction.

In addition, you can also catch up on sales and other offers that are frequently arranged for customers.

14. mosaic


The app lets you create beautiful photo books in minutes – just select your iPad’s camera roll or import from Instagram or Facebook, then organize the photos and arrange them however you want. That’s all there is to it. No special skills are required. However, one disadvantage of this app is that you can’t put more than one photo on a single page.

Key Features:

  • Designed for both iPad and iPhone
  • Speed and simplicity are key
  • Easy to use

15. Lifecake


iPad users can use this app to create photo books very easily. The app will allow you to combine photos with your partner, family, and friends and add photos from dropbox, Instagram, and many other sharing sites. Lifecake is a simple and cute app to stay in touch with your loved ones.

Key Features:

  • Share photo slideshows with music.
  • Enjoy photos on a timeline.
  • Fully insured. You can decide who has access rights.
  • Compatible with iPad, iPod, and iPod Touch.

16. linea


This is another interesting photobook-making app that features visually stunning frameworks for your photos. It is easy to use and also supports sharing your photos with people of your choice.

Key Features:

  • Add photos from Facebook, camera roll, photostream, and computer.
  • Print photo books directly from the app.
  • Save photos in their original resolution

17. Nowvel


The app lets you select and group your favorite photos from many sources to create interesting photo books. In a matter of minutes, you can use the Nowvel app to create a real photo book from scratch that you can share with friends and family.

Key Features:

  • Create photo books using photos from Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Unique and modern design combinations.
  • Compatible with iPod, iPad, and iPod Touch
  • Full range of layouts, custom text, photo corrections, and filters.

18. Printzel


With this app, you can create a photo book in minutes. The new version of this app fixes a large number of bugs and improves performance. You’ll find several book options including sizes, finishes, and colors.

Key features:

  • Enlarge and rotate photos
  • Multiple finish and color options
  • Access to Facebook, Instagram, and Flicker photos.
  • Add caption text.

19. photobook


The photobook app is the best app for photo books on iPad and Android that helps you create your photo book in minutes. It has an easy-to-use interface. With this app, you can conveniently get a beautiful photo book that you can happily share with people around you.

Key Features:

  • You can retrieve photos from your Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, and Dropbox accounts and create a photo book.
  • Advanced automatic layout logic.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Works perfectly on iPad, iPhones, and more.

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