TOP 27 Best Apps for Photo Organizing, Download Now!

The best apps for photo organizing are essential for managing your pictures on your iPhone or Android device. The smartphone is the main camera for most people these days – check out our review of the best camera phones for the current leaders in this field – and many of us take dozens of photos on our devices every day. It can be easy to lose track of that, and that’s where a good photo management app can make all the difference.

But they can also do much more. Most of the best photo management apps now use advanced machine learning to automatically label your images, so you can find photos simply by searching for a keyword. You can also group photos by people and places. You’ll also find that many of them include tools to edit your photos, as well as social sharing and cloud storage features.

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A good photo organization app makes it easy to manage your photos, so you never have to scroll through a million selfies to find what you’re looking for. And while you’re here, you might as well check out our picks for the best Android camera apps.

REVIEW: 27 Best Apps for Photo Organizing

1. Google photos

The Best Apps For Organizing Photos - Is Google Photos.

Price: Free
Download here: Android, iOS

Google Photos is Android’s default photo organizer (also available for iOS) and deserves a mention because of its many features. Google Photos has unlimited cloud storage and cross-device syncing for your photos (with minimal compression), as well as the ability to save original-quality photos to your Drive storage. The app can be set to automatically back up and sync your photos so your snapshots are always safe, and it displays everything by date.

A smart wizard feature can help you create albums, collages, stories from grouped photos, and animated photos. There’s even a powerful “visual search” feature that works even on unlabeled photos; just search for “cat,” “food,” “beach,” or any other term and the camera will suggest relevant snapshots with amazing accuracy. It also recognizes people and groups them, so you can easily find photos of a particular family member or friend.

Google is constantly refining the mix with additions like new editing tools and improvements to Assistant. For example, the video editing tools were updated last year so you can now crop, edit and apply filters just as you can with photos.

Although Google Photos is free, any new photos you add will count against your Google account’s general 15GB limit, which includes Gmail, Google Docs, and other Google Cloud services. If you need additional storage, packages start at $1.99/month for 100GB.

2. Flickr

The Best App For Organizing Photos - Is Flickr

Price: Free
Download here: Android, iOS

Flickr still offers a good deal on online photo storage, though it’s not as good as it used to be. While the photo management app used to offer 1TB of free cloud storage, it now limits free users to 1,000 photos stored online for free. If that’s not enough, you can upgrade to the paid Pro package to get benefits like unlimited full-resolution storage and support for videos up to 10 minutes long, which costs $8.25 per month or $71.99 per year.

Flickr includes automatic uploading as well as smart search features. That means the organization doesn’t have to rely as much on users manually tagging each photo. The default camera roll groups your photos by date, and the social features allow you to share your photos and track which images are shared by your friends and other users.

3. Amazon Photos

Best App For Organizing Photos - Amazon Photos

Price: Free (with Prime membership)
Download here: Android, iOS

Previously exclusive to Amazon Prime subscribers, Amazon’s cloud photo storage service has opened up to everyone as Amazon Photos. Prime Photos provides Prime subscribers with unlimited cloud storage of their photos at original resolution, as well as 5GB for video and document storage, while free users have a combined limit of 5GB for photos and videos.

The app automatically syncs so your photos can be accessed from any device with a connection and includes a wealth of organizational and AI-assisted search features. Prime Photos also has improved family sharing features, allowing you to share your unlimited photo storage with up to five family members and adding a shared Family Vault.

4. Apple Photos

Best App For Organizing Photos - Apple Photos

Price: Free
Download here: iOS

Just like Android has Google Photos, iOS has Apple Photos. It’s improved tremendously over the years and now offers a lot of advanced photo organization options, including the ability to sort and browse by people and places, by date, or to create custom albums.

The Media Types option is another good one; this groups content into images and videos but splits it up further to include Portrait mode, screenshots, and so on.

There’s a lot of AI at work beneath the surface, too: in addition to being able to search for “dogs” or “New York” you can use more complex phrases like “dog beach sun” to be served up content that matches. And it’s worth it just for the Memories feature, which brings up images, galleries, and videos for specific dates.

It’s all fully integrated with the iOS ecosystem, so sharing in Messages or other apps is seamless and comes with plenty of editing tools too. Apple Photos is free to use, but you only get 5GB of storage on iCloud; you can buy another 50GB for 99 cents a month, 200GB for $2.99 a month, and 2TB for $9.99 a month. The last two plans can be shared with other family members.

5. Slidebox

Best App For Organizing Photos - Slidebox

Price: Free
Download here: Android, iOS

Slidebox, a photo organizing app, takes a Tinder-like approach to sort your photos: there’s a quick, swipe-driven interface to sift through your locally stored photos, screenshots, and other assorted images. When you enter the app, all your unsorted photos are presented to you in a queue.

Swiping left or right moves you through the queue, swiping up throws a photo into a trash can, and tapping a series of labels at the bottom of the screen lets you save photos to albums or create new ones.

In addition, there are tools to compare similar photos and share entire albums via email or text. The iOS version also offers a subscription-based cloud backup option for up to 10,000 images at $4.99 per month. Otherwise, Slidebox is a compact tool that’s all about putting your photos in the albums you want.

6. Memory Photo Gallery

The Best App For Organizing Photos - Memory Photo

Price: Free: $1.99 for the Pro version
Download here: Android

Memoria Photo Gallery is a gallery replacement app for Android that lets you sort your locally stored photos by date or in albums, complete with basic slideshows, search filters, and pinned albums that you can quickly view on startup. Users can launch their photos with Google’s Chromecast devices, customize album covers and hide the visibility of selected albums.

A premium Memoria Pro upgrade ($1.99) removes ads, adds a zoom-in viewer and encrypted vault for your photos, and offers a ton of customizations and themes.

7. Photosync

Best Photo Management App - Photosync

Price: Free (Android) / Free / $0.99/month for Premium (iOS).
Download here: Android, iOS

PhotoSync lets you effortlessly transfer your photos to your mobile devices and desktop via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or a personal hotspot. PhotoSync supports cross-platform transfers, so you can transfer photos and videos from your Android devices to iOS devices and vice versa, as well as across a variety of supported cloud storage platforms.

Desktop transfers can be done via a browser interface or a companion desktop app for Windows and macOS computers. As a bonus, PhotoSync also supports transferring RAW photos with all metadata. A premium iOS-only version supports automatic backups, camera connectivity, Amazon Cloud storage, and more for just $0.99/month or $6.49/year.

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8. A+ Gallery

The Best App For Organizing Photos - Is A Gallery

Price: Free
Download here: Android

A+ Gallery tries to bring a certain iOS-like aesthetic to Android photo management, with brilliant gallery modes sorted by year, collection, or moment. Cloud support lets you back up photos to Dropbox or a Facebook album, and color-based search lets you easily find photos with a particularly dominant hue.

There’s also a map view that shows where you took your photos. Additional visual themes can be unlocked by sharing an installation link with other users. The gallery is fine, with handy cloud storage support and some interesting features.

9. Piktures – Beautiful Gallery

Best Photo Organizer Apps

Price: Free
Download here: Android

Piktures use a three-part interface to help you navigate your photo collection. Swiping to the right brings up a list of tiles from your albums, which you can sort as you see fit. Swipe left to see geotagged labels that let you sort your images by location. The optional calendar view also lets you sort your photos by date taken.

Additional tools include a slideshow mode, resize tools, a video or GIF player, and a photo vault for hiding images.

10. F-stop gallery

Best Photo Management App - F-Stop

Price: Free
Download here: Android

Users who are looking for a more powerful photo organizer app for Android devices can also try F-Stop Gallery.

It includes many tools like tagging, smart galleries, ratings, favorites, and other features to manage and categorize your mobile images. Photos can be organized by folders or albums, automatically sorted via smart galleries or drag-and-drop as needed.

Users can read image metadata, exclude folders from gallery searches, password protect photos, and more. The A-Pro key unlocks more features, such as nested albums, the ability to write metadata, and other premium features.

11. Moments from Facebook

This is an automatic photo management app for Android that manages photos of you, your friends, trips, events, and more. With Moments, you can share photos with your friends and family with just a few clicks. You can even create a shared photo album for your friends and upload photos to that album as well. Essentially, it’s all about storing photos in one place that’s accessible to all the members they’ve been shared with.


  • Unlimited storage.
  • Share moments instantly with your friends and family
  • Intelligent organizer
  • Create slideshows
  • Supports full-resolution photos

Moments by Facebook is designed to share and organize photos with amazing features, making it one of the best Android photo organization apps.

12. Shoebox – Photo storage and cloud backup

This is a cloud photo storage app for Android that automatically backs up your photos. You can organize photos in the app accordingly. It uses multiple encryption techniques to provide users with 100% secure backup. It also offers unlimited cloud storage to save the images. It makes it easy to find your favorite photos as you can search them by location, camera, time of day, season, and much more.


  • Keep photos and videos safe.
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Back up your photos from Facebook
  • Easily search for your favorite photos
  • Create slideshows and share them directly on Facebook
  • Compatible with Google Chromecast

What are you waiting for? Create slideshows of your favorite photos and share them instantly with your friends with Shoebox, a gallery app for Android.

13. QuickPic – a photo gallery with Google Drive support

The Best App For Organizing Photos - Is Quickpic

Download here: Android

This is a gallery app that allows you to organize your photos efficiently. In this way, you can save some space on your Android device. QuickPic has several powerful file management features that allow you to sort, rename, create new folders, move and copy data, etc.


  • New Material Design user interface.
  • Fast and fluid
  • With multiple gestures
  • Lock your private photos with a password
  • Offers cloud backup
  • Supports all image and video formats

It also supports multiple online album services such as Picasa, Google Drive, Dropbox, Flickr, OneDrive, Box, Amazon, and many more. This photo manager for Android comes in a small package with more power.

14. Photo Gallery

This is an ultimate gallery app that is super fast, lightweight, and has an automatic organization method. It has features that no other photo manager app for Android has. With FOTO Gallery, you can organize and sort pictures based on creation time, name, and other attributes.


  • The super fast uploader and organizer.
  • Lightweight and ad-free
  • Recycle garbage can folder for recovering deleted images
  • Option to hide private folders
  • Displays EXIF information

This gallery app also allows you to instantly create a GIF from a video. With so many special features, this photo organizer app is one of the best.

15. Crunch Gallery

The Best App For Organizing Photos - Is Crunch Gallery

Download: iOS | Android

Have you always struggled to store all your photos and videos but lacked space? Crunch is an app that helps you reduce the size of your favorite photos and videos so you can store more and delete less of your precious memories. This also means less burden on your data plan.

Crunch reduces the size of your photos by up to 6 times without affecting their quality. Videos can also be reduced to 50% of their original size. Crunch reduces file size using proprietary photo and video technologies. The application offers up to 1 GB of free storage space, which can be expanded by sharing through the application.

16. FilesBoard

Download: iOS

FilesBoard is an iOS app that features a Pinterest-like interface and makes it easy to manage photos and videos. In addition, it is also a manager for your documents, music, bookmarks, and more. You can also manage your files wirelessly via WiFi from your desktop.

Not only can you manage and organize your files, folders, and albums in your device’s gallery, but also in your Dropbox folder. With Filesboard, you can change the color of your folder, create text files, change creation dates and times, add notes to specific files, and import images and videos from external sources.

You can also apply password protection to the app to protect your documents and photos.

17. MyRoll

This is a smart gallery that teaches what’s important to you. MyRoll lets you organize and link your photos to better organize and view the best moments of your life. Best of all, it can highlight the best photos in the gallery for you.

The app is so clever it can center a thumbnail around smiling faces and, if you give it access to the calendar, it can title photos with specific events taking place at the time the photo was taken. MyRoll has 50 GB of storage and can integrate with Google Photos for additional unlimited storage. MyRoll is also available for Android Wear.

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18. Tidy

Best App For Organizing Photos - Tidy

Download: Android

Tidy helps you organize your photos with a simple swipe. The makers claim it can clean up thousands of photos in minutes (you need to have thousands of photos to verify if this is true). Swipe right to save photos to a new album or left to archive them. Put your photos in their place.

Photos are grouped by time, place, and even shape. Once you’ve sorted through the clutter, Tidy finds the memories for you and displays them in a beautifully organized album layout. The result is also easy to share on your favorite social media sites.

19. Pic joy

Best App For Organizing Photos - Picjoy

Download: iOS

Picjoy makes it fun and easy to create and share stories from your images without keeping everything private and personal. Just install the Picjoy app and let the organizing begin quickly.

It’s a smart photo library that automatically organizes all your photos and lets you create beautiful photo albums and tell the story behind your photos. You can also browse your photos by location, weather, season, event, time, and many other categories.

20. 1Gallery

Best App For Organizing Photos - 1Gallery

Download: iOS | Android

If you’re looking for a replacement for the default Gallery app for your Android smartphone, then you should try 1Gallery. 1Gallery is a gallery app designed to manage your photos.

In addition to normal photo management, 1Gallery offers the ability to store your private photos in a vault that you can protect with a password, pin, pattern, or fingerprint.

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21. Simple gallery

Best App For Organizing Photos - Simple Gallery

Download: Android

This is one of the best and easiest to customize offline photo gallery apps available in the Play Store. With this app, you can organize photos, edit photos and recover deleted photos.

Although it is an offline photo gallery app, it gives you many useful features such as recovering photos, cleaning duplicate photos, and more.

22. Gallery Go

Best App For Organizing Photos - Gallery Go

Download: Android

Gallery Go is a lightweight version of the default Gallery app for Android smartphones. The app is lightweight and helps you manage your photos.

It’s also interesting that Gallery Go works offline and offers some useful photo editing features.

23. Files by Google

Best App For Organizing Photos - Files By Google

Download: Android

Files by Google is a versatile file management app available in the Google Play Store. With Files by Google, you can clean up unwanted files, free up storage space, find files faster, share files offline, etc.

In addition, Files by Google provides users with a duplicate file cleaning feature that can scan and remove duplicate photos.

24. Photoscan

Best App For Organizing Photos - Photoscan

Download: iOS

Every household has one. Or several. The dreaded pre-smartphone era photo box. It’s time to bring those old memories into the 21st century. For best quality, buy a flatbed scanner or use a service like ScanMyPhotos, but here are a few options for turning your smartphone into a scanner.

Google’s PhotoScan (Android, iOS) makes digitizing old photos relatively easy. Just put a real photo under your smartphone, snap a photo, and let the app rotate, enhance, crop, remove glare, and upload it to your Google Photos account.

Look: it will take a while when you have a million old photos, but it’s as fast as it gets, and the app is free, so you have nothing to lose.

25. Photo Scan App by Photomyne

Best App For Organizing Photos - Photo Scan

Download: iOS | Android

For those who don’t want to send their photos to Google, there’s a great photo scanning app called Photo Scan App by Photomyne (Android, iOS).

It offers similar features, plus a nifty feature that lets you take multiple photos at once and then cut them up into individual digital versions, which is a huge time saver.

You can try it out for free, but you should pay for the premium version (starting at $5) to get the most out of it.

26. Remini

Best App For Organizing Photos - Is Remini

Download: iOS | Android

So we’ve saved all our photos and scanned all the old ones, but what do we do with the low-quality, blurry, or otherwise questionable photos we want to keep?

For that, there’s Remini (Android, iOS), a photo enhancement app that uses artificial intelligence to make wonders out of low-quality photos.

It works best on close-up faces, so if you have a lot of correcting to do, give it a try. You get a handful of free fixes, but you’ll have to opt for a $5/month or $30/year subscription to avoid facing a seemingly endless parade of ads that interrupt the experience when you use the free version.

27. FamilyAlbum

Best App For Organizing Photos - Familyalbum

Download: iOS | Android

There are many ways to share your photos with friends and family, but FamilyAlbum (Android, iOS) offers a good balance of features and utility.

For starters, the app is free for unlimited photo and video uploads and doesn’t make money from ads. Your uploads are automatically sorted by month, so people in your sharing list can easily keep track of your photos chronologically.

On the receiving end, your friends and family can view your photos through the app or a web browser, and an automatic video slideshow is created from your recent photos every three months.

The app’s creators earn from selling physical photo albums and DVDs, and there’s an optional premium version for $5 per month that lets you upload longer videos (10 minutes, up from 3 minutes in the free version), create a monthly video slideshow, send photo albums and DVDs for free, allow uploading from a computer, and includes several other amenities.

The free version is quite powerful, though, so try it out first and then decide if the premium version makes sense for you.

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