21 Best Apps to Unblur Photos, TOP for Fixing Blurry

Best Apps to Unblur Photos – Are you looking for an application to blur images? How can you make sure your photos are not blurred? Digital photography has reached a new level in every sense of the word with this combined technology. When you take a picture with a smartphone, it is much more accurate than if you took it any other way. This is because modern smartphones are very advanced and have cameras that work better than humans!

However, not everyone in the world is a perfect photographer. Even those who know how good their smartphones are can have their photos (and memories) blurred if they are shaky or moving while shooting. Fortunately, there is an app for this. The Unblur Apps save memories ruined by unintentional movement.

Clicking on an image while it is not properly in focus can cause the image to blur. A small mistake can ruin a great shot, but don’t worry about blurring; with Unblur Photo Tools, you can easily reduce blurry images and get accurate photos. Below are some of the best apps to unblur photos for Android and iPhone.

The Best Apps to Unblur Photos: Our Top Picks

Best App To Unblur Photos

1. Adobe Lightroom – Photo Editor

Adobe Lightroom is one of the leading photo and image editing tools for Android and iPhone. Adobe’s app is considered the best for image sharpening. Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editor is the best mobile-friendly version for your device. A powerful photo editor that helps you capture and edit images easily.Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editor is the best photo editing tool with sliders and filters for your images.

2. Snapseed

Snapseed is the best app to unblur photos for Android and iPhone. It offers over 29 tools and filters including healing, HDR, brushes, structures, etc. Snapseed can also open JPG and RAW files. All Snapseed styles can be easily edited with precise and detailed controls. The application allows users to adjust exposure and colors automatically. It magically accentuates the surface texture of the image.

3. Picsart Photo & Video Editor

Picsart Photo & Video Editor is one of the best camera editors for Android and iPhone. A tool that can be used as a photo editor or camera app, the Picsart Photo & Video Editor app offers complete aspects such as noise removal, image sharpening, and skin smoothing. The “HD Effects” tool allows you to easily adjust the colors and details of an image to recreate an accurate image, while Picsart Photo & Video Editor makes it easy to remove blurred areas of an image. The program is intuitive and efficient, so it runs smoothly.

4. Photosuite 4 Free

Unleash your creativity with PhotoSuite 4 Free, the PhotoSuite 4 Free app for Android and iPhone that lets you tamper with your images. The app allows users to easily remove or replace the background to get an accurate image.PhotoSuite 4 Free is the best app for perfect content with the best personal touch. It sharpens images with the latest Photoshop editing effects such as exposure, contrast, and shadow adjustments. With this app, users can easily improve visibly.

5. Fotogenic – Editor for face and body tuning and retouching

Looking for a good app to reduce image sharpness for mobile photography on Android or iPhone? The photo editing app Fotogenic is the first choice for all photographers. Packed with heroic features to make image sharpening removal more efficient, Fotogenic’s masterpiece will help you create great work. Easy to use and with an innovative interface for a great user experience, the Fotogenic application is intuitive and easy to use for beginners and professional photographers alike.

6. Photo editor pro

Photo Editor Pro is a free application that is available in paid “Pro” versions. These mainly have a more elegant look and offer more effects. Photo Editor Pro makes it easy to add light reflections and body changes. Photo Editor Pro for Android and iPhone has over 100 filters for image editing Photo Editor Pro Android and iPhone offers more than 100 filters images editing. It also includes stylish effects, layouts, text, stickers, and custom fonts. You can create eye-catching and blurry images. Unleash your creativity with easy image editing.

7. Photo director

Photo Director applications are some of the most amazing image editing applications and have easy-to-use features. These also offer a wider range of image effects and a greater variety of tools. These mainly focus on ease of use by providing a variety of tools. Photo Director is the ultimate sharpening tool, making it easy to edit images with precision. If you have a blurry image, Photo Director is the perfect option to defocus the dots. Photo Director for Android & iPhone offers a better selection of gifts, especially color blurring and many other effects.


Pixlr app for Android and iPhone is the best way to unleash your creativity with ease. It is an easy-to-use and free image editor. You don’t need to create an account because you can simply download and edit images to remove blurry areas.

9. Enhance Photo Quality

If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to fix blurry images, then the Enhance Photo Quality app is one of the best options as it improves the quality of your photos and enhances the quality of your images. It also has a sharpening icon. Comprehensive photo quality enhancement apps have the ultimate ability to add beautification effects. These give images a professional look by applying amazing photo effects, photo focus, and more. More than 50 overlays are available for quick corrections according to your personal preferences.

10. VSCO

VSCO is the best photo de-editing app for Android and iPhone. Get a complete tool for creative editing of photos and videos with more inspiration. VSCO app is a great way to take your photos to the next level: There are more than 10 VSCO presets that allow you to adjust contrast and saturation. VSCO App for Android and iPhone.

If you are looking for the best photo defogging apps for Android and iPhone, you can easily choose from the apps mentioned above. With these apps, you can adjust and defocus your photos. Edit your images sharper and clearer with these tools

11. Remini – photo enhancer

When it comes to apps that remove blur from photos, Remini is one of the best out there. The developers of this app have made sure to make your photos look vibrant and amazing.

You can easily remove blur from your photos using the highlight button and turn your blurry photos into clear and high-resolution photos.

This is one of the best editing apps, and with Remini, you can edit photos with less than 4096 pixels.

Download the “Remini” app, select the “Enhancer” option, and wait for the app to work its magic. There’s also a double enhancement option that can remove blur from very blurry photos.

Remini uses technology generated by artificial intelligence, so the developers promise that your photos will look like professionally taken pictures.

12. AI Image Enlarger – Best Image Upscaler – 400%

Check out all the apps that remove blur from your photos. AI Image Enlarger enlarges your photos without losing quality.

It’s the best app you can use to edit on your phone, transfer to your laptop or desktop, use for projects you’re working on or post on social media.

There are two plans available – $5.99/month and $14.99/year. Once you sign up, you can download enhanced images from the app to your gallery.

With the sharpening tools available in the app, you can remove blur from your photos for more clarity in your photos.

Download AI Image Enlarger and have fun maximizing and enhancing your photos The five main options available in AI Image Enlarger are, of course: Enlarge, Enhance, Noise Reduction – Denoise, Last-Minute Change Retouch, and Sharpen.

13. EnhanceFox – AI photo enhancement for better quality

Do you want to avoid blurry memories in your photos? EnhanceFox is one of the best apps to remove blur from your photos, and it also supports real-time photo quality.

Imagine finding an old photo on your camera that looks blurry and you don’t know what it was. With EnhanceFox you can easily blur your photos with advanced technology generated by artificial intelligence.

EnhanceFox can not only remove blur but also recover old photos to make them look new.

Download EnhanceFox and improve the look of your photos using the advanced HD quality settings.

14. Enhance it – Fix your photos

Like other photo blurring apps, Enhance-it uses AI technology to beautify your photos. What makes Enhance-it even better is that it automatically scans your photos for flaws.

Having your photos professionally edited would cost a lot of money. Instead, download Enhance-it and edit your images your way.

They have several great tools – download Enhance-it and improve and correct your photos.

15. Lumii – Photo Editor and filters

Lumii is one of the free apps for removing blur from your photos. It allows you to edit your photos with powerful tools. It is a simple application that allows you to edit your photos quickly.

It gives you a high artistic vibrancy and the quality of your photos increases with the use of Lumii. Having said all that, it should be emphasized that this application will amaze your photos with a high recovery quality.

Lumii is an all-in-one photo editor. To use the pro version of this application, you will have to pay a small fee for the additional exciting features you get.

The pro version creates overlay presets by overlaying multiple edits on the same photo – download Lumii and unleash your inner photo editing soul.

16. AI Photo Enhance/Unblur: Clear, Sharpen Face Pics

AI Photo Enhance/Unblur is one of the best apps for blurring photos and has made a name for itself for crystal clear portraits. All your blurry selfies can now be posted on Instagram.

Just select a photo that has your face in it, make sure the face in the photo isn’t too small, click the “blur picture” option, and voila. In less than a minute you will have a sharp, clear photo.

17. PicWish Photo Enhancer

Transform blurry, pixelated, old, out of focus, and damaged photos with this newly launched app. With unique intelligent AI technology, users can automatically transform poor-quality photos into high-quality photos with a simple tap. Create sharp images and fix every detail of your photos in an instant with this amazing app.

Pictish also supports restoring old photos, removing unwanted objects, people, and text, drawing, and rejuvenating with additional features.

For clear, professional-looking photos, download the app to your phone and start correcting blurry photos.

Simply upload your photos and the app will process the files automatically. Wait for the results and save them directly to your phone’s gallery.

18. Lensa: Photo/Pictures Editor

Lensa is a comprehensive photo editing program that allows users to improve the quality of their images and remove blurry areas.

Once the application is open, users need to download the required images. They will then be directed to the editing page, which consists of several sections. Here you can apply retouching functions, special effects, editing tools, and frames.

In the Background section, you can blur the background or highlight the subject. However, if you want to make your photo sharper, select the Tools section and use the built-in slider to adjust the appropriate sharpness.

19. Blur Photo – Portrait Mode Blur

Did you take a great photo, but now it’s blurry? Download this app to improve the quality, and we assure you that Blur Photo – Portrait Mode Blur is a very effective app in this matter.

By the way, this app also allows you to blur your photos. This is a very nice feature that makes photos look as if they were taken with a professional camera.

The app has very useful tools such as brushes and erasers. Using these, you can adjust the depth without difficulty. The user interface is very simple and makes the task much easier.

20. Photo Blur Background Editor’

This app is highly rated by many iOS device owners. It improves the quality of blurry photos in one fell swoop; simply install “Photo Blur Background Editor” and set the sharpness intensity.

This way, you will be able to blur your photos as well as defocus them. This feature has been very well received by users of the application. Blurring the background of a photo makes it look like it was taken by a professional.

As for the convenience of the app, it supports undo and redo. You can also share photos with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram directly from the app. This is very reasonable.

21. PhotoSuite

If you are not looking for a general photo editor, but just want an app that allows you to declutter your photos, this is a good choice. Exposure, contrast, highlight, and shadow settings allow you to make the best apps to unblur photos.

The editing process in PhotoSuite is even more manual, so you can make minor adjustments yourself. At the same time, PhotoSuite is not the most intuitive compared to other photo editing programs, and this can be the app’s biggest drawback for some people.

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