Samsung Galaxy S12 Plus Review With Pros and Cons Fact for 2022

Samsung Galaxy S12 Plus Review – Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy S12, and now it’s time to show off with the Galaxy S12 Plus. This Galaxy S12 update is available.

Compared to the Galaxy S12 mobile, it has greater RAM efficiency and storage quality in the phone. It also boasts excellent camera equipment and facilities.

Therefore, we will review the mobile in this piece and I will also list its benefits and drawbacks.

Samsung Galaxy S12 Plus Review


This time, the corporation has chosen to stick with an updated model of its earliest galaxy s12 smartphone. The manufacturer has improved the camera quality, storage capacity, and RAM efficiency in this edition. Listed below is the complete review.

Build and Display Quality

As we’ve seen, the phone is housed inside a plastic frame and boasts an AMOLED display on the front. You may insert a front-facing camera into the drop-notch slot on the top side to take selfies.

The charging port, a loudspeaker, and a 3.5mm audio output jack are all located at the bottom. A power button and volume rocker are located on the right side. The construction quality is good overall.

The 6.7-inch super AMOLED panel that the manufacturer has integrated supports FHD+ resolutions. It is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 7 to fend off outside assault. The display quality is therefore good overall.

Processing Unit and

The device’s operating system at the moment is Android 10, which may be upgraded to Android 11. The company has combined an Adreno 650 GPU and an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor for improved performance.

According to the source, the device is available in two configurations: 12GB RAM + 256GB Storage and 8GB RAM + 128GB Storage. With no lag, you may play demanding games on this mobile device.

Sensors and cameras

Regarding the optics, the company has a quad-camera arrangement with a 64MP primary camera, a 48MP telephoto lens, an 8MP ultra-wide camera, and a 2MP depth sensor mounted on the rear. You may capture 4k films at 60 frames per second and even 120 frames per second on 720 px resolutions.

The manufacturer has included a 32Mp front-facing camera on the front side inside the drop-notch cutout for video calls and taking selfies.

Battery and Additional

It sports a robust 5000mAh big battery capacity and a low consumption display. The phone can be used solely for calls or on standby for longer than seven days. With an 8-hour continuous backup, you can use it to play online games. Additionally, it contains a 20W fast charger that can fully charge a smartphone in about 1.5 hours.

On the display’s bottom, the business has a built-in optical fingerprint sensor for security. The company has also added Face ID, an accelerometer, gyro, proximity sensor, compass, barometer, etc. in addition to these.

Specifications for the Samsung Galaxy S12 Plus

These are the Samsung Galaxy S12 Plus’s main technical details. Due to a report that the local market for mobile devices is soon to be banned, we have gathered this data from the internet.

Display 6.7 Inc Full HD+
Refresh Rate 60Hz
Os Android 11, Upgradabel>
UI Skin OneUI 2.5
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865
GPU Adreno 650
Storage 64GB/ 128GB
Rear Camera 64Mp+48Mp+8Mp+2Mp
Front Camera 32Mp
Battery 6000mAh
Charging 20W
Sensors In-Display Fingerprint Sensor


Pros And Cons: Samsung Galaxy S12 Plus

As we’ve seen from the primary features of the phone and taken everything into account, this phone is well suited for gamers and vloggers, but many things ought to be better at this price point. Here is the smartphone review’s positive and negative information.


  • The smartphone boasts a super AMOLED display with 6.7 inches and billions of colors. and is FHD+ resolution compatible.
  • An incredible octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor powers the Galaxy S12 + smartphone. On it, lag-free gaming and multi-tasking are possible.
  • It has a strong CPU with a maximum clock speed of about 2.96GHz.
  • On the back, it contains a powerful and lengthy rain detector 64Mp primary camera with three additional optics.
  • A 32Mp camera on the front of the device allows you to make video calls to people in your social network.
  • It offered 128GB and 256GB of storage, which can accommodate lengthier files, as well as 12GB and 8GB of RAM versions.


  • Despite having a strong display, the Mobile did not, sadly, offer IPX 7 rating safeguards. For these, your device can shield your phone from dust and water drops.
  • The Galaxy S12 Plus should be supported by SDD storage because it includes 256GB and 12GB of RAM options.
  • Only 4K videos can be captured; it would be preferable if the device could capture 8K videos at 60 to 40 frames per second.

Price of a Galaxy S12 Plus

This phone is currently unavailable in your area, however, according to reports, the 12GB RAM+256GB storage variant costs roughly $877, while the second option costs $798.

Editors’ View

This gadget is neither a gaming nor a powerful software runner, based on its performance. You can use it for everyday tasks like writing emails, using WhatsApp, taking photos, or documenting special moments.

You must keep your distance from this equipment if you are looking for your office work. You can attempt the Samsung Galaxy A12, Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, or go with a pricey Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus instead of the Samsung Galaxy S12 Plus mobile.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S12 Plus support 5G?

No, the Galaxy S12 Plus is not compatible with 5G, but the business is thinking about releasing a new version of the mobile that does.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S12 Plus include a gaming app?

Yes, as it sports a robust Snapdragon 865 octa-core processor that can effortlessly handle demanding apps and games.

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