10 Best Voice Recorder App for Android

Best Voice Recorder App for Android – Any Android device’s capacity to record you is one of its most useful features.

There are many other reasons as well for desiring to do so. Journalists may need to record interviews, musicians may wish to record a fresh concept, and some people may even set it up to test if they talk while they sleep. The good news is that you no longer need to go out and get a voice recorder from a store like Amazon or Walmart.

Your smartphone can take care of things for you just fine! These are the top Android voice recorder apps. Voice recording features are available in note-taking applications. Our top picks for that are listed right below.

Best Voice Recorder App for Android


1. Voice Recorder ASR

Cost: Free

One of the more capable voice recorder programs is ASR Voice Recorder. Numerous file types, including well-known ones like MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGG, and M4A, are recorded.

Additionally, there is a cloud connection for simple upload to services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Several lesser features are included, including Bluetooth device connectivity, a gain switch, playback speed settings, and the option to automatically skip silent sections of recordings. For the price, it’s a surprisingly good offering.

2. Dolby On

Cost: Free

One of the more recent voice recorder applications on the list is called Dolby On. It allows for far more recording, but the tools also benefit voice recorders.

The software has several boosts and filters to enhance the sound. Additionally, if you require one, it offers an excellent audio editor for use after the recording is finished.

Noise reduction, de-essing, and even a fade-in and fade-out effect are a few of the filters. Although it’s mostly for musicians, it’s also useful for voice memos and other similar tasks. One of the best free audio recorder applications is also completely free and has no adverts.

3. Easy Voice Recorder

Price: $3.99 or free

Easy Voice Recorder accomplishes what it says on the label. It offers a simple way for you to capture events on your phone.

You launch the app, press the microphone button to start recording, share as necessary, and then close it. It also includes a few extra capabilities, such as the flexibility to select a different file type for recording. It also supports widgets.

In addition to other features, the pro edition supports stereo recording and Bluetooth microphones. The advertising from the free edition is likewise removed in the premium version.

4. High-Quality MP3 Voice Recorder

Price: $3.49 or free

One of the more capable audio recorder apps available is called Hi-Q. It takes MP3 recordings. Because of this, the sound files are practically universally compatible.

Additionally, you can set it up to upload automatically to Dropbox after the recording is complete.

Additionally, it has widget support, gain control, support for Wi-Fi transfer, the option to select which microphone on your device to utilize (if you have more than one), and more.

A few additional features are also added in the premium edition. The fact that phone call recording is not supported is the sole drawback.

5. LectureNotes

Price: $5.99 + $1.99

One of the best apps for college students is LectureNotes. It is quite versatile. You can jot down notes, arrange them, and use them for your schoolwork later. The app doesn’t natively record audio.

However, adding that feature may be done with a $1.99 plugin. Additionally, you can record content while using the standard LectureNotes app.

It’s a great one-two punch for lectures because of this. A plugin for recording videos is also available. And it costs $1.99. The package is a little bit heavy.

Therefore, we do not suggest this to those looking for a straightforward, portable recorder. But if you’re in college, this is pretty much the best there is.

6. Neutron Audio Recorder

Price: $7.99

One of the best music players on the market, Neutron Music Player, is from the same company as Neutron Audio Recorder.

Consequently, the voice recorder is likewise excellent. The standard features like recording and playback are there, along with additional options.

This one also has a DSP filter, a 60-band equalizer, and other recording features including automated gain correction. The audio that your microphone can pick up, as a result, is among the clearest possible.

Even playlists and Android Auto are supported. Even though the price is only $7.99, there are many more features available than what we’ve shown here. Overall, it’s quite good.

7. Otter Voice Notes

Price: $9.99 per month or free

A voice recorder for professionals is called Otter. The majority of its feature set is intended for business meetings and other more important events. The essentials are handled, including playback, sharing, and recording.

Additionally, it features cloud storage, cross-platform compatibility, a transcription service, and even supports media like photographs.

Every month, 600 minutes of transcription are available in the free version. The premium subscription has more than 6,000 options. It’s also not awful for lectures, and if students choose that way, they can pay only $2.99 each month.

It is quite powerful, but only if you actually require things like cloud storage, transcriptions, and other advanced features.

8. Smart Recorder

Price: $1.49 or free

Smart Recorder is one of the top voice recorder apps even among its competitors. It includes all the standard features, like support for cloud storage and a number of recording tools.

But you also get the little things, like the ability to skip track silences, sensitivity adjustments, customizable sampling rates, and more. It receives regular updates and, as of this writing, has a 4.5 rating on Google Play.

It’s among the best, and the premium edition is very reasonably priced. If you utilize Google Play Pass, this one is additionally free.

9. Voice Recorder Pro

Price: Free / $1.99 for

Fortunately, Voice Recorder Pro is a more effective program than its uninspired moniker would suggest.

It is a feature-rich app that prefers to keep things straightforward. You will have a good selection of recording options with the ability to record in PCM (Wave), AAC, and AMR.

Additionally, this may be used to record phone calls, the UI is simple to use, and files are simple to find and manage (if its device and OS are supported).

Other features include a bitrate selection, among many others. One of the more practical and straightforward audio recorder apps is this one. If you utilize Google Play Pass, this one is additionally free.

10. Your phone’s native recorder

Cost: Free

Your phone’s voice recorder apps are not inferior in any way. They are always free, to start. Additionally, they are already set up, so your storage space won’t be harmed. They often have few features and are simplistic.

Although third-party speech recorder apps cannot do this for some smartphones, such as LG’s V-series phones, the voice recorder software may be able to access hardware features of the phone.

We’ve also heard excellent things about Google’s new voice recorder app. In any case, to be sure you aren’t skipping out on any fantastic features, we advise testing out the stock voice recorder on any device before switching to a third party.

Please let us know in the comments if we missed any of the finest voice recorder applications for Android. To view our most recent listings of Android games and apps, go here.

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