How to Make Song as Ringtone in iPhone without iTunes

How to Make Song as Ringtone in iPhone – Want to turn your favorite tune into your iPhone’s ringtone? Is it, however, feasible to set a piece of music as your iPhone ringtone without using iTunes or a computer? A resounding “yes” to the question in the title! 

iPhone lets you choose your ringtone, whether it be your child’s voice, a musical composition, or an external ringtone. Stick with me, and I’ll explain all you need to know to get started in this post.

Precautions to take before choosing any old tune as your iPhone’s ringtone?

The song you wish to use as a ringtone must be saved locally, either in the iPhone’s Music Library or the Files app. Copy-protected songs (like those on Apple Music) can’t be utilized.

Application – You can choose to install any of these two apps on your device:

Tones for Mobile Phones: Create Your Ringtone

App Store’s GarageBand

Let’s go to the next phase now.

GarageBand tutorial for making your own iPhone ringtone.

  • Change iPhone ringtone without using iTunes
  • GarageBand tutorial for making your own iPhone ringtone.

To aid with this guide, I’ve obtained a ringtone from Zedge. You’re free to utilize whatever resource you choose.

Trick: How to Make Song as Ringtone in iPhone

It’s time to fire up GarageBand on your iPhone.

1. Turn on your iPhone’s GarageBand app.

How To Make Song As Ringtone In Iphone

2. Use the sidebar to navigate to Audio Recorder, then hit the Voice icon (mic icon). (Keyboard or drums will also work.)

In Audio Recorder Option Tap On Voice

3. To access the editor, select View (it looks like a brick wall).

On The Iphone Select View To See The Revision Screen

4. Select the Loop button to access Apple Loops, Files, and Music. My preferred method of accessing my ringtone is through the files menu.

Open The Garageband App On Your Iphone And Then Tap The Loop Symbol

5. Find the tune you want, and then press and hold it for a few seconds. Browse objects from the Files app if you can’t find the tune in the list.

Retain An Item For A Few Seconds So That It May Be Imported On Your Iphone

6. To choose where in the music you want your personalized ringtone to begin, use the long vertical bar.

To find the ideal pitch at which your tone should begin, press the play button.

7. Double-tap the song’s icon, then choose Split.

Double Click The Music Then Choose Split From The Menu

Cut the music in half at any moment by dragging the Scissors symbol down.

Tap the unwanted segment of the music twice, and then select Delete from the menu.


Using your iPhone, cut off the unwanted parts of the music.

Click the arrow to the left of the search bar, then choose “My Songs.”

On Your Iphone Hit The Arrow Button To The Right Of The Home Button And Then Tap My Songs

Select “Share” from the menu that appears when you tap and hold the project.

Tap Export after selecting Ringtone and giving the music a custom name.


Click Use sound as… to use it as a ringtone immediately, or click OK to configure it manually.

The ringtone may be immediately activated by tapping the “Use sound as” button.

Make a personalized iPhone ringtone without using a computer.

Export Succes
Create Custom Ringtone On Iphone Without Computer

Apple’s iOS automatically cuts ringtones down to 30 seconds in length before exporting them. Repeat steps 6–9 if your desired cutoff time is less than 30 seconds.

Change iPhone ringtone without using iTunes

To utilize the personalized ringtone again, or if you already chose OK, go as follows:

Navigate to “Sounds and Haptics” > “Ringtone” > “Settings”

When you go to your RINGTONES section, the most current tone you’ve made will be shown at the top.

Put it as your phone’s ringtone with a tap.


iPhone ringtone setup outside of iTunes

Make a piece of music your iPhone’s ringtone without using iTunes or a computer!

Hopefully, you found this helpful tip on how to install a custom ringtone on your iPhone without iTunes or a computer to be of use. Please use the space below to ask questions or describe difficulties you’re having with the procedure.

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