4 Easy Steps How to Screenshot on Galaxy A12 Samsung Mobile

How to Screenshot on Galaxy A12: Do you have trouble taking screenshots on your Samsung A12 mobile? Here, we’ve listed the four simplest techniques for taking screenshots on a Samsung A12 mobile device.

Therefore, you have come to the proper place if you’re looking for the simplest approach to snap a screenshot on a Samsung A12.

4 Ways How to Screenshot on Galaxy A12


When we switch from other mobile phones to Samsung phones, we become confused and unsure of the finest features to use.

Taking screenshots is a need in today’s society. There are occasions when you need to take screenshots of chats, video appearances, webpages, etc.

Therefore, if you utilize a Samsung A12 Mobile, this page may be extremely beneficial to you. Here are the three best and most straightforward ways to snap screenshots on a Samsung A12 mobile.

1. Screenshot Using Samsung A12

Using Palm Swipe Features, take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy A12. This is the company’s most popular and intriguing feature. But first, you must activate it. To do so, just follow these easy instructions.

  • Access Settings
  • Select Advanced Features.
  • Go to Motion & Gestures.
  • These functionalities will now be available if you toggle the Palm Swipe To Capture switch.

On the Samsung A12 Mobile, you may now take screenshots by using your palm.

2. Use the Samsung A12 to Screenshot

Here’s how to use the Samsung Galaxy A12’s accessibility menu to take a screenshot. This is a little lengthier, but intriguing, approach. As you go along,

  • Visit Settings
  • Accessibility, go!
  • Services Installed
  • The accessibility menu will then be available to you.
  • You only need to turn it on now.

After enabling these capabilities, you may now snap a screenshot of your phone’s home screen by swiping up two fingers from the bottom of the screen.

3. Use the Samsung A12 to take screenshots.

Using Key Combination Shortcodes, take a screenshot of a Samsung Galaxy A12. The organization offers this incredibly convenient and intriguing option. To take a screenshot on your phone, you only need to press a certain key combination. As you go along,

Go to the scene you wish to capture, then simultaneously press the Volume Down and Power buttons.
Wait for the screen to flash, at which point your screenshot will be saved to the gallery on your phone.

4. Screenshot using a Samsung A12.

Utilize your voice assistant to take a screenshot on your Samsung A12 Mobile. All you need to do is turn on your phone’s voice assistant.

  • Attend the events
  • Once you say “Hey Google,” the Google Assistant will start working.
  • Say, snap a screenshot now.
  • Following that, a screenshot will be taken and stored in your mobile gallery.

now, guys Hope you fully comprehend the many methods for taking screenshots on a Samsung A12 Mobile.

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