4 Easy Steps How To Screenshot On S21 Plus for Beginners

How To Screenshot On S21 Plus: The firm made screenshotting one of the key features it introduced. Making a history of your pertinent items is beneficial. You may immediately snap screenshots if you enjoy a look on your social networking accounts or website sites. Here are the simple procedures for taking a screenshot on a Samsung S21 Plus.

How To Screenshot On S21 Plus Easy


We get unfamiliar with the necessary features and how to utilize them when we switch to different brands of devices. Therefore, we’re going to go over a few techniques in this post that you may use to snap screenshots in a variety of ways.

On the Samsung S21 Plus, how to take a screenshot

Here are some techniques that can assist you in taking screenshots on your Samsung S21 Plus mobile if you recently got the device for yourself and are unsure how to do it. Take these easy actions.

1. Utilize the Samsung S21 Plus’s key combinations to take a screenshot.

Right now, in the “smart work” generation, everyone wants to do their tasks quickly and easily. Here are some shortcut key combinations for the Samsung S21 Mobile that will enable you to snap screenshots. Take these easy actions…

  • Visit the location where you wish to capture the look.
  • Press the Power button and the Volume Down button at the same time.
  • Wait for the screen to flash, at which point the appearance will be saved in image format in your gallery.

2. Use Google Assistant to take a screenshot on a Samsung S21 Plus.

You can use your voice to operate products from this generation. Google’s AI system provides an assistant for the Android operating system. You may use your Samsung S21 Plus smartphone to take screenshots. Take the steps…

  • Go to the scene that you wish to photograph, then say “OK Google” to bring up the Google Assistant.
  • Take a screenshot, and Google Screenshot will do the rest, saving the image of your current look in your Gallery.

3. Utilize the Nav Bar to Take a Screenshot on a Samsung S21 Mobile

On our navigation bar, our smartphone manufacturers formally offer a button for screenshot capture. Here are the procedures to follow to capture a screenshot using the Nav Bar on the Samsung S21 Plus mobile device:

  • Open the notification panel and navigate to the chat or photographs you wish to screenshot.
  • Look this Click on the screenshot icon.
  • Wait for the screen to flash before taking a picture of it and saving it in image format to your gallery.

then the man You should now be able to screenshot on a Samsung S21 Mobile. If you enjoy more of our material, you can follow us to keep up with us.

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