7 Best App for Tracking Cycling to Plan Route Distance and Speed

Best App for Tracking Cycling – Did you know that you can count on apps to make your cycling trip even more memorable?

That’s right. The goal of apps for people who cycle is to offer an information service and record of activities for cyclists and runners through GPS technology.

This makes it much easier for you to measure your performance and improve with every pedal stroke!

So how about getting to know 7 free apps that will help you with that?

The Best App for Tracking Cycling

Best App For Tracking Cycling

1. Strava (ios and android)

Strava is the most popular application among cyclists.

It allows a very cool interaction between its users and provides the following information:

  • Distance traveled;
  • Altitude reached;
  • Speed (maximum and average);
  • Route taken

Besides measuring the performance of your pedaling, this app stores a history of all the activities you have done and even rewards you with “medals”, like in video games.

It is worth knowing!

2. Endomondo (ios and android)

This app is also great!

With the Endomondo tool, for every kilometer you travel, the total lap time and the total time of the last lap is monitored and notified by audio.

This makes it much easier for you to track your performance and decide how you will proceed because you don’t have to risk holding your phone up to look at the screen while pedaling.

The data is also stored in the app (and on the website) so you can consult it whenever you want and check your performance within days, weeks, months, or years.

3. Sports Tracker (ios and android)

Sports Tracker was developed in 2004 and is still a hit among athletes.

This app measures distance, speed, time, and route, and even allows you to listen to music!

With this app, you can transfer your running information to the website and also share it on social networks. Cool, right?

4. Mountain Bike Runtastic (ios and android)

Here is a powerful tool for MTB adventurers!

If you want to record your best rides and even have a little help to define your goals, this is the app for you.

Mountain Bike Runtastic gives you the possibility to choose the level of each workout with your machine (basic, manual entry, or route) and also the desired mode, which can be MTB,

Handbiking, or simple cycling.

Either way, you will be well served!

5. CycleDroid: bike computer (android)

A great aid for organized athletes who like to record their data in graphs and spreadsheets.

CycleDroid allows you to export all the information about your ride to excel. In addition, the app itself provides graphs with the data collected on your route and even works without

the internet.

6. Bike Map (android)

If you are one of those fearless brutes who love to discover new routes to ride your bike, this might be the ideal app for you.

It’s all very simple!

You just need to select the distance you want to travel and the tool itself will give you suggestions for the nearest routes.

Bike Map also allows you to register new routes so you can share them with your fellow riders.

7. Cycling News (android)

If you love to be well informed about the bike universe, besides TSW’s blog, of course (hahaha), you can also count on Cycling News!

This is an app that updates you with news, podcasts, tips, calendars, and other updates about cycling and other sports.

So, which one of these applications will you choose to live the greatest adventures in the world? There are plenty of options…

We hope we have helped you…

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