The Best Podcast Apps for iPhone 2022

Best Podcast Apps For Iphone

Best Podcast Apps for iPhone – Do you enjoy listening to podcasts rather than reading editorials? Or maybe you’d rather just listen to others talk about whatever topics happen to strike your fancy. If you have a good podcast app, your iPhone is a powerful tool.

Trying to figure out which ones are ideal for your iPhone but need some guidance. I have these in my possession. Please read on so that you may make an informed decision.

Review: Best Podcast Apps for iPhone

1. Podcast handpicked by Apple’s in-house audio editors

Best Podcast Apps For Iphone

If you’re someone who likes to keep things the same, the Apple Podcast app is a great way to listen to different tales on all of your Apple devices. It offers podcasts from all around the world, including recommendations depending on where you live.

Apple Podcast is great for both cutting-edge and archival content. However, there are premium features available for a monthly fee within the program. You may also subscribe to your programs of choice and get informed the moment new music or episodes are available.

You may save podcasts to the app’s library and listen to them whenever you choose. To top it all off, you may download them episode by episode to minimize storage needs. Podcasts may be added to your collection manually, or by an RSS feed or an external URL.

In addition, the app includes a link-sharing function for when you want to show your loved ones your favorite podcasts. Any program that you subscribe to will be accessible there. Because of this, you can easily find them. In the end, this one stands out because of its fantastic extras.

  • Listen to any Apple product.
  • Exciting narratives.
  • Podcasts may be downloaded and listened to in the absence of internet connectivity.
  • Check out the best podcasts in your area.
  • Sort data into relevant classes.
  • Does not suggest based on current listening habits.

Without cost to the customer (Premium podcast series subscriptions available in-app)

2. Spotify is an audio streaming and podcasting app

Listen To Spotify's Latest Releases And Podcasts On Your Iphone

There’s little doubt that you’ve heard some of the songs available on Spotify. The majority of music fans see it as the best app for listening to tunes while going about their daily business. 

If you’re a Spotify user but haven’t explored the podcasts yet, you’re losing out on a lot of great content despite the service’s strengths in music. It’s so dependable that it’s scary!

Spotify’s Podcast area has become increasingly popular, complementing the app’s many music options. When you start this chapter, you’ll enter an exciting new world of amusement. Spotify’s podcast section, like those of competing applications, offers a wide range of subject areas. There’s the right amount to satisfy your preferences.

If you only use Spotify to listen to podcasts or music when you’re on the go, the free subscription is all you need. Those who are dedicated app users may consider upgrading to the premium plan so they can watch their shows uninterrupted. Do you wish to discuss podcasts with others or obtain them for later listening? Use Spotify whatever you choose.

As a result, similar to the music area, premium users may listen to podcasts without interruption from advertisements. It has affordable premium plans as well. In addition, there are programs tailored specifically to students, families, and friends looking to share costs.

  • Take in some tunes or a podcast.
  • Fast and consistent shipping.
  • Various types of materials are available.
  • The podcasts may be readily downloaded and shared.
  • Listen to the podcasts in a group with your loved ones.
  • There will be advertisements on the free version.

Cost nothing (although a monthly subscription will set you back $3.99).

3. Google Podcasts – A Podcast App That Recommends Shows Based On Your Taste

Google's Podcasts Iphone App

Google Podcast launched in 2018 only on Android, but as of 2019, it is also available on iOS and other operating systems. And listening to podcasts on the iOS version is a miserable experience.

I recommend Google Podcast if you are unsure as to what it is about webcasts that you might enjoy. Google could use a lot of the features in its podcast app to do this. Google Podcast analyzes data such as your search history and preferences to recommend shows you’ll enjoy.

However, it allows you to blacklist specific shows from the suggestions so that they will never again be highlighted.

Google Podcast is free, despite its extensive collection of personalized material. You may do what you do on YouTube and subscribe to a Podcast channel to automatically receive updates as new episodes become available. One of Google Podcast’s distinctive features is an explicit content filter. For that reason, you can activate that feature to manage the app’s audio content for your children.

Like other podcast programs, it naturally has a downloads section where you can save episodes for offline listening. And there’s a history tab for reviewing media you’ve streamed in the past, in reverse chronological order. There’s a dedicated page where you can see all of your subscriptions, making it simple to listen to whatever you enjoy.

  • Find content that best fits your tastes.
  • Keep the kids away from the adult stuff.
  • Quickly go to your subscriptions and past activity.
  • It doesn’t cost you a dime.
  • Stop receiving suggestions you don’t want to see.
  • It monitors what you do when using Google’s services.

Free of charge

4. Podcast App – The Ultimate Podcast Search and Organizer

Ios Podcasting Application

Interested in hearing some of the latest debates on sports, technology, politics, and more? Is there a recipe for “True Crime” you’re looking for instead? Podcast App provides a streamlined and straightforward experience to give you the best of both of these worlds. 

As with the other, this one offers custom suggestions as well as access to an enormous library of information in a continuous feed. This way, you’ll never have a chance to become bored.

The software itself is cost-free, but after a 7-day trial period, users must pay for access to other features. In the free edition, there are a few advertisements. However, those are acceptable and do not encroach too much. Without a membership, however, you won’t be able to access the listening history or the premium educational content that we offer.

Moreover, you may add podcasts to your lists by entering their URLs in the app. Favorite webcasts may be bookmarked inside the app for subsequent listening. The search and filter logic is one of its distinguishing characteristics, allowing you to categorize podcasts in a variety of ways, such as by release date, title, genre, category, description, or creator.

  • Browse and sort through results.
  • Include password-protected podcasts.
  • Includes supplemental material meant to teach.
  • The advertisements in the free edition aren’t bad.
  • Subscriptions are required to access the vast majority of the customization options.

Cost nothing (although a subscription will set you back $24.99)

5. Podcast Player Castbox – Siri Compatible

Ios App For Playing Podcasts

Castbox not only has a smooth listening experience, but it also has some of the tops shows out there. The audiobooks included in the app are divided into genres based on the stories they tell. The networks tab of Castbox is where the app shines, with access to popular broadcasts like TED Talks, The Economist, CNN, and more.

Also, podcasts may be sorted into subcategories so that you can zero in on the topics that are most important to you. The software itself doesn’t cost anything, but there are paid subscription tiers available for those who wish to listen without interruption. If you use many devices, Castbox can sync your listening history across all of them. You may also subscribe to your favorite podcasts, just like Google Podcasts.

There are comment sections and information pages for each program, so you can get a feel for what they’re like. This program, like many others on this list, allows you to keep tabs on your podcast listening history. At the end of the day, Castbox allows you to adjust and personalize your Siri instructions. As a result, it’s possible to perform things like download, next, play, and stop television shows.

  • Consistent help for Siri.
  • Trustworthy audio/video playback.
  • Take in some radio broadcasts or audiobooks.
  • Allows for the synchronization of material between different devices.
  • Get the podcasts you love by subscribing to them.
  • This ad-supported free edition has certain limitations.

Free (a $9.99 monthly subscription is required)

6. Your Favorite Podcast in the Convenient Form of a Cast

The Iphone Podcast Application Pocket Casts

The UI and functionality of Pocket Cast are among the best available, with options to customize the app’s layout and arrange podcasts by name, date added, or episode release date. 

Does your online directory feature podcasts? Furthermore, Pocket Cast allows you to directly upload and listen to such files.

While the app itself is free to use, there are paid tiers that unlock premium features like cloud storage, custom themes, Apple Watch compatibility, a web player, and more.

Moreover, the costs are reasonable. Pocket Cast also has streamlined content management, including widgets for looking at popular shows, various types of media, and most notably the HubSpot Podcast Network. 

Alternatively, you may browse podcasts by category and listen to only those in that particular genre. Furthermore, it enables you to cast your shows to a bigger device for a more immersive viewing experience.

You can also examine how much time you’ve spent listening to podcasts on Pocket Cast in the statistics area. The factors that reduce the amount of time spent streaming may be shown here as well. You may filter the download based on new episodes or other filters available, and you can turn on auto-download for certain series. 

In addition, it provides the option to utilize additional filtering options. To prevent wasting bandwidth, you may wish to restrict automatic downloads to when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network.

A sleep timer is a feature missing from many podcast programs. OK, this one makes sense. Therefore, if you fall asleep or get too busy while an episode is playing, you may set a timer to automatically pause it. It also works with Siri to provide quick access to settings.

  • Project TV broadcasts onto larger screens.
  • Create download and search filters.
  • Download podcasts automatically over a Wi-Fi connection.
  • It has a statistics section.
  • Features a built-in alarm clock with a programmable wake time.
  • Unfortunately, a few essential functions are missing from the free edition.

Free (a $9.99 monthly subscription is required)

7. Overcast is the best podcasting tool for adding episodes from RSS feeds

Overcast Is An Iphone Podcast Application.

Overcast’s user interface is vastly different from those of competing podcast programs. After a blank screen prompts you to add podcasts to your queue, it begins playing. Then, its user interface will show you all of the available shows.

Since Overcast is customizable, users may add whatever they desire to the software. If a podcast you enjoy listening to isn’t included, you can easily add it by retrieving the RSS feed’s URL. 

When I tried it using an API feed for The Rough Cut’s RSS URL, everything worked well. Although Overcast is without cost, a premium plan is available for a reasonable price to remove commercials.

Overcast gives you the option to download only via Wi-Fi or to combine Wi-Fi and mobile data. You may also instruct the app to remove a podcast or episode after you’ve listened to it if you don’t enjoy hearing it again. In addition, there is a statistics area for keeping track of how much information has been sent. Here you can view the total data used by the app, including podcasts, episodes, and other features.

Not only can you browse partially watched episodes, but the software can also play your favorite episodes automatically. The episodes may be downloaded, shared, added to playlists, and more. The software itself is quite robust.

  • Expand your RSS-fed podcast library.
  • Discard listened to podcasts automatically.
  • Keep an eye on how much information is being accessed.
  • The free version has advertisements.

Cost nothing (although a monthly subscription will set you back $9.9)

8. The top podcasting app is Podbean

Podbean Is An Ios Podcast App And Player.

Podbean is a platform that allows you to do more than just listen to podcasts; it also allows you to create, export, edit, and publish your own. Those interested in podcasting but intimidated by the thought of having to deal with the mechanics of creating RSS feeds will find this a great choice. The software also offers access to audiobooks and podcasts from the same network.

An annual membership to Podbean is available. However, advertisements are required to support the free version. The premium subscription is worth it, but the free edition already provides much of what you need for a wonderful experience.

The Podbean platform automatically assigns you a channel when you sign up. You can also check who else is following you and which podcasts they listen to. Also, you can quickly get to your favorite episodes and check out your listening habits in the same place. Want to be a part of a live broadcast? The Live feature on your user profile allows you to do just that.

Featured podcasts are available for immediate listening, and you may subscribe to as many as you like. It is also possible to filter material based on location. New episodes may be downloaded automatically. You may also configure podcasts to automatically erase episodes you’ve already listened to so you don’t waste time with redundant listening.

  • It’s simple to create and distribute your podcasts.
  • Listen to the podcasts you enjoy.
  • Remove downloaded episodes automatically.
  • Acquire some listening data.
  • There might be some latency in the app.

Free (a $9.99 monthly subscription is required)

9. Deezer: A Competitor to Spotify with a Rival Service

Iphone Version Of The Deezer Music And Podcast Player

While both Deezer and Spotify are music apps, Deezer also features a podcast player. The software sorts podcasts not only by popularity but also by how long each episode typically is. If you want to stick to a network, you may find several of the most popular ones there, including TED, BBC, Netflix, CNN, and more.

In the radio replay area, you may hear excerpts and complete rebroadcasts of the shows. This program, like others, sorts podcasts according to their plots. There is a free tier of service on Deezer, however, upgrading to a paid premium account removes ads. 

The Deezer Family package provides six user profiles, so you and your loved ones may share the experience of streaming your favorite shows.

Podcasts may be listened to whenever and wherever you choose thanks to the download option. In addition, you have the option of lowering the quality of your downloads to either basic or standard to conserve data. There is an option in Deezer to disable mobile data downloads. And you may choose whether to enable suggestions of adult content or not. 

When using the program with children, for instance, you may regulate which icons they see on the main menu. One day, Deezer will support integration with home pods, allowing for improved sound quality at the listener’s fingertips.

  • Turn off the sound or remove the disc to prevent hearing anything inappropriate.
  • Integrate quickly with a HomePod.
  • This podcast has music and podcasts.
  • The free edition has advertisements and unlimited downloads.

The price is $0.00 (a monthly subscription is available for $6.49).

10. One of the top podcasting apps for audiobooks is Audible

Audible's Iphone Audiobooks And Podcasts

So, here’s an Amazon-made podcast app. To use the app, one must first create an account. However, if you already have an Amazon account, you may use it instead. The ability to play audiobooks directly from the iOS book app is an exciting addition to the program.

Do you enjoy reading books but prefer listening if given the chance? Audible is home to some of the top audiobooks as well as the more common podcasts. This is, without a doubt, the top podcast app for listening to audiobooks on the go. 

A feature unique to Audible is the ability to synchronize your listening across several devices. In contrast to other streaming services, this one allows you to pick up where you left off no matter what device you used to watch it on. Audiobooks and podcasts may also be easily sent to others.

However, many of the audiobooks in the Plus collection are only accessible on a premium and credit basis, while you can stream other podcasts for free. The lack of a streaming option for audiobooks is regrettable. Audiobooks are books that may be downloaded to your device and listened to offline.

Yet, it provides a taste of these premium materials before committing to the Plus plan, allowing you to evaluate whether or not they are worth the additional cost. Also, you may read reviews of each book to help you decide.

You may view completed and ongoing webcasts in the monitoring area. By listening to more books, Audible raises your rating from “Newbie” to “Novice,” “Pro,” “Scholar,” and “Master,” all of which are self-congratulatory achievements. Badges are awarded to you as well for your efforts. Podcasts may also be saved for later listening, so don’t forget to put some of your favorites on the list.

  • Keep everyone’s playback in sync.
  • Keep tabs on your listenership with ease.
  • Favorite app for listening to audiobooks online.
  • The addition of podcasts to one’s wish list is a wise move.
  • Collect points for each podcast you listen to.
  • Download audiobook versions of books in the iOS books app.
  • Audiobooks must be downloaded before streaming.
  • Buying books from within the app might not be an option.

Cost nothing (but a monthly subscription will set you back $7.99).

Many listeners to podcasts would say that they are superior to reading. However, that is a matter of taste. The following apps are suggested whether you’re just getting into podcasts or are a seasoned listener. 

Audible may be last on the list, but it’s my favorite podcast app overall and my first choice whenever I need some audiobook-based creativity. Do you want to know more about something? Post your thoughts in the feedback section.

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